I am a newsie – constantly scrolling, devouring the latest trends and living my life too online. Fluent in the digital landscape, I have demonstrated experience mobilizing communities online and creating content that incites engagement.


While running the team’s Twitter and Instagram, I planned and created posts to highlight our speakers and events. As a self-starter, I sought out the opportunity to do a takeover on the POLITICOCareers Instagram story with the goal of leveraging content to recruit future interns into roles outside of the newsroom.

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Media Hub

As a Public Relations Coordinator for UNC Media Hub, I have been able to get 11 pieces of my teammates’ work in 24 publications such as The Charlotte Observer, News & Observer, News and Record, WRAL and many more. Gaining invaluable experience in media relations, I worked with news directors and editors to promote and publish stories.

 Digitally, I helped grow the brand by amplifying and curating content that maximized our exposure to new audiences, generating more than 50k impressions across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Moreover, my excellent written communications skills allowed me to craft tweets and posts that inspired engagement and optimized exposure. 

Media Hub is a highly selective multi-disciplinary course in the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We work as journalistic teams to create integrated, multimedia packages designed to capture multiple angles and perspectives on stories from across North Carolina.

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Research Assistant – Undergraduate Research in Political Communications

As a research assistant, I traveled to the Iowa Caucuses to conduct on the ground voter research. With a focus on social identity, we asked about their consumption of news and if they felt campaigns were addressing issues they cared about. Over four days, we criss-crossed Iowa and attended 10 campaign rallies for six candidates. We were even able to observe a live caucus at Grinnell College, the third-largest caucus site in Iowa.

Iowa was electric. Being on the campaign trail was an exhilarating experience. Energized by our experience, we needed more. So, we planned a road trip from UNC to Columbia, South Carolina. Where things got…interesting.