As an organizer, I know the importance of meeting people where they’re at. I have proven skill at creating content platforms such as WordPress, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and Canva.

Social Graphics

I Created these graphics to theme GOTV events on Mobilize and Twitter, contributing to 156% completion rate.

I am proud to be known in Beaufort County, NC as “that girl who ran the ghost phonebank.”


For Duke Graduate School…

Holiday Message

Given the opportunity the produce a holiday greetings video, I was determined to feature a puppy. From brainstorming the concept to making final edits, I was able to manage the project from start to finish. Unfortunately, I was not able to cast a puppy, so I went with babies and Santa Claus.

Promotional videos for Duke programs and initiatives

Deans Awards

MEJO 121: Introduction to Digital Storytelling

More than a playground sport

Founded in 2016, Carolina Jump Rope is a club sport at the University of North Carolina. Carolina Jump Rope competes at the national level and performs at events around campus. In February, the team is hosting the 2019 National Collegiate Jump Rope Championship and University Summit on UNC’s campus. Many school-age jumpers stop competing once they enroll in college due to a lack of collegiate teams. In the video below, Graham Booth, president of Carolina Jump Rope, says that this summit is important in order to increase participation of jumpers and grow the influence of the sport.

Multimedia Presentations

MEJO 379: AD/PR Research – Bluedogwood Market


MEJO 531: Public Relations Case Studies – Wells Fargo